Many Ways Men & Women Cheat

Many Ways Men & Women Cheat

The cheating older husband

There is a man by the name of Gregg who lived upstate, Gregg had a wife, children, a nice home, great career, and was in his 60’s.  Often Greg would travel to the lovely state of Florida; it was something about Saint Petersburg that he just could not seem to get enough of, and Gregg found more than just entertainment to keep him busy. Gregg went out one night to a popular spot where there was music, a disc jockey, and the best drinks. One night he met two women as they sat at a table enjoying each other’s company. Gregg had only planned to meet new people and have great conversation but more happened than expected. I think that Gregg was shocked to find that he would be sitting at the women’s table all night. Before the night was over, Gregg felt the need to get the women’s phone numbers. Gregg thought that it would be a good idea to meet the women for a lunch date before he left town.

One of the women that he met felt a great attraction to Gregg, and wanted to meet up with Gregg alone. Gregg did not give second thoughts about his marriage, being that he was most definitely attracted to both women. He met with the first lady at a restaurant and they both ate and had drinks. After dinner, Gregg took the woman to his condo on the beach that he spent many family vacations. They both got cozy and began to kiss and rub each other passionately. The lady took off his pants and began to take off her clothes as they moved closer to the bedroom. Gregg was filled with passion like an animal that could not be tamed. He had a wife and kids but cared only to get that sexual satisfaction. Gregg made passionate love to the woman giving her all that he had. After steamy hot sex, Gregg told the woman that he had a wonderful time and that she should stay over, so he could make her breakfast in the morning.

The lady agreed and they both fell asleep under the nice warm covers of love and sin. The next morning, Gregg got up early and began to make breakfast for the woman. She woke up with a smile on her face as she headed to the kitchen to kiss the man she committed adultery with. You see it was no secret that Gregg was married, Gregg told the ladies the night he met them all about his marriage and family life. This is what makes the relationship a bad idea to continue. However, neither cared about his family and wanted to satisfy their own ruined hearts. It’s a shame that being married 34 years was not enough for the man who decided to cheat on his wife.  I must confess that most men do this very thing. The sad part is sometimes it’s the men who have a good wife at home and a loving family. After a few times meeting the woman, Gregg started to notice that she became very clingy and Gregg did not want to be with another wife; Gregg wanted to have fun, and wasn’t going to be tied down to another woman.

 What was more surprising is that Gregg was actually attracted more to the other lady he met with the first woman. However, the lady he was more attracted too was married and was not going to jeopardize her relationship. At this point, Gregg felt that it was time to break off his affair after two years of being with the first lady. The lady became angered and demanded that he see her. Lucky for Gregg, he did not give out his last name or where he lived. If so, his marriage would have been something that he would have to fight for. In all, men do these types of things all the time and this is how they happen. Letting a man or woman travel alone for weeks at a time is never a good idea if it isn’t for work or other important matters.  Women and men have to be smarter when it comes to things like this. What is your man or woman really doing while away?

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Author: drjaquettastevens

Dr. Jaquetta Stevens is a clinical research Study with a doctorate in psychology. She is a profound writer, entertainment promoter, successful business owner, Journalist and right’s activist and relationship coach. One of the most successful women in this time has come together to help those in the market of entertainment. After getting her degree in clinical research, Dr. Jaquetta Stevens has followed her dreams in helping individuals as a therapist. Many of the issues that she masters is mental illness in children and adults, marriage counseling, abuse, and addictions in many categories.

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